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How to style yourself for winter fashion?

By: | Date: November 8, 2022

How to style yourself for winter fashion?

Winters are knocking & it’s time to rethink your winter wardrobe. While fall and spring are great transitional seasons, winter is the perfect time to mix up your look. But styling your winter wardrobe doesn’t mean that you have to commit to wearing boring heavy layered thermals for all day. Here’s a few tips to guide you through these cold months!

  1. Keep it Tight
    In the winter, you’re looking for ways to keep warm. It’s not just your hands and feet that get chilly it’s your whole body. So, swap out those wide-leg jeans for some skinny ones, which also help visually balance out over bulky sweaters; if you’re wearing any! Or you can forget thick, bulky sweaters and puffy jackets, altogether. This winter, reach for clothes that will help you stay warm without weighing you down. To avoid freezing on windy days, try wearing tight-fitting clothing beneath oversize winter clothes like our sweatshirts, jackets, hoodies, track-pants and why not thermals?
  2. Wear type jackets, sweatshirts & track-pants
    Wearing a cropped coat can seem sassy, but if you want to keep warm in the winter months, opt for long ones. Jackets & Sweat-shirt are ideal for keeping you warm. It shall definitely add style & fashion to your overall look, both for men & women. Bodycare apparels have wide combination of colorful sweatshirts, track-pants, fleece t-shirts which can accessories well for your winter look.
  1. Avoid Cotton
    It is better to say no Cotton during winters while cashmere and wool are great for fall and
    winter. Cottons are the best for scorching sun & hot weather. So save your cotton assortment for summers. We sweat a lot more in the summer season. Cotton material is very powerful water absorber that helps in the absorption of perspiration.
  2. Carry some classy accessories
    As temperatures drop, it’s not just a stylish coat and an oversized sweater that will get you all the way to spring. Good winter accessories can polish the puffiest of jackets, give you grip in the snow and slush, and all the while encouraging warmth. Don’t forget to carry for stylish accessories like classy muffler or a nice cap. Woolen gloves and colorful bright socks would definitely add appeal to your mood. So don’t hesitate even to try colorful balaclavas, beanies, soft & colorful scarves.
  3. Get the Right Thermals
    In India, Winter season is for 3-4 months & degree of cold varies from state to state. When it comes to adding warmth to your cold-weather looks, we now rely on our thermals more than ever before! Finding the right thermal to layer underneath your outfit can add a lot of warmth throughout the winter. Just keep our eye on a well-fitted sleek thermal wear; which can easily slide under your shirts or t-shirts. Just focus on warmth, stretchability & fabric & you hit the bull’s eye for yourself. Bodycare thermals are in different patterns & gives you wide choice to meet your requirement. WEAR BODYCARE. Our collection consists of a variety of hoodies, joggers, and sweatshirts, along with a wide range thermal wear in different styles and colors – a little something for everyone! Fabric & comfortable fit is utmost important which would enable you to carry yourself with ease.

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