Bodycare Kids- Innerwear

Because our heroes deserve all the comfort in the world. Our range of comfortable and stylish innerwear helps them stay fresh so that they can explore all they want and make the world a happy place.
Check out the latest in kids’ innerwear with our stylish vests, briefs, shorties, panties and bloomers. For kids between three to fourteen years old.

Bodycare Kids- Infantwear

Let the future superheroes shine bright! We make sure that they are always in good company with Mickey & Friends, Chhota Bheem, Ben Ten and Avengers like Thor, Captain America, Hulk and Iron Man. Made from the finest quality cotton, our products ensure playful comfort for all everyone.
Get the latest styles in frocks, T-shirts, kids’ sets, jackets, track pants, night suits, rompers, shirts, pants, frocks, thermals and innerwear.

Bodycare Insider

Stay playful on the inside with Bodycare Insider. Crafted with high-quality fabric, our thermals provide insulation even in severe cold. Superior stretch technology ensures the perfect fit for all.
Vests and full length bottoms available for men, women and kids.

Bodycare Ayaki

Stay active even in winter with our Ayaki range of thermals. Made with Japanese technology, the Ayaki range combines superior insulation with flexibility- to help you feel light on the inside.
Available for men, women and kids.


Smart, stylish and affordable- Dyca offers you the best quality casualwear for the entire family. Be it T-shirts, shorts and trackpants – we have something for everyone. Also check out the best thermals at the best prices from Dyca. Get tops and bottoms for men, women and kids.


Redefine causal comfort with Proteens- that guarantees stylish loungewear for everyone. Durable, lightweight and always trendy, our products help you stay fresh and stylish all year long. Check out the latest styles for men, women and kids