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    Sale! 1 90

    Proteens Girls Antiviral Shorts

    Save 37%
    Sale! 01 30

    Bodycare Antiviral Boys Tshirt Round Neck Half Sleeves Solid

    Save 30%
    Sale! Navy 1 42

    Bodycare Antiviral Boys Shorts

    Save 30%
    Sale! Navy 1 11

    Bodycare Boys Cotton Antiviral Shorts

    Save 30%
    Sale! Red 1 3

    Bodycare Girls Antiviral Printed T-Shirt

    Save 30%
    Sale! Red 1 1

    Bodycare Boys Antiviral Printed T-Shirt

    Save 30%
    Sale! Mustard 1 8

    Bodycare Boys Antiviral Printed T-Shirt

    Save 30%
    Sale! Black 1

    Bodycare Antiviral Boys T-shirt

    Save 17%
    Sale! 04 5

    Bodycare Antiviral Boys Printed Cotton Track Pant

    Save 30%
    Sale! 04 7

    Bodycare Antiviral Girls Printed Cotton Track Pant

    Save 30%
    Sale! 07 3

    Bodycare Antiviral Girls Sweat Shirt Round Neck Full Sleeves

    Save 30%
    Sale! IABRAV26 P2 3

    Bodycare Antiviral Girls Cotton Track Pant Solid Pack Of 3

    Save 30%
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    “In a world where health and safety are top priorities, who says you can’t be both cautious and fashionable? Welcome to Bodycare Anti-viral collection is designed to give you both peace of mind and a flair for style. Our fabrics are meticulously fabricated to neutralize viruses and bacteria while being skin safe. Yep, you read that right—protection and comfort in every fiber.

    Designed for greatness, our apparel is not just soft, thin, stretchable, and lightweight; it also resists microbial growth and prevents odor development. Talk about smart clothing! And don’t worry, we’ve got your back for the long haul. Our anti-viral protection lasts up to 30 washes, while anti-bacterial fortification stays strong for up to 50 washes.

    In short, Bodycare Anti-viral apparel isn’t just a purchase; it’s a great value addition to your wardrobe. Why choose between fashion and safety when you can have both? Level up your apparel game while being health-conscious. Choose Bodycare Anti-viral. It’s the smart, stylish, and safe choice!”

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