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Why Your Kid’s Hates Wearing Innerwears?

By: | Date: November 8, 2022

Kids hate uncomfortable Undergarments.
If your kids hate wearing underwear, mornings can be really tough! The clock is ticking as you rush breakfast on the table, make a healthy lunch, and check that everyone has their homework, water bottles and gym shoes. When you have to spend time each day pleading, begging, and fighting with your little one to get dressed, it might seem this is just another phase you have to deal with. Sort of like how they need the blue sippy cup rather than the red one at dinner or they won’t deal. While it can seem like your child is doing this just to challenge you, there may be another reason. They could be trying to tell you in their own, “subtle” way that their underwear is itchy, bunches up, or just doesn’t feel right. Many kids hate underwear because it is just plain awful to wear. They’re uncomfortable. Let’s be honest, underwear can be pretty uncomfortable. They’re tight and constricting, and can often bunch up and cause irritation. It’s no wonder kids hate wearing them! They’re boring. Kids are used to running around naked.

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4 Reasons Why Your Kids Hate Underwear

Is your child complaining of wedges? If the fit isn’t right, wedges are the result. If underwear is too big or too tight, your child may find that it rides up and they are pulling on it all day long. That’s why we make fit a priority. All Bodycare Kids innerwear styles for boys and girls are designed to fit properly. Since no one wants to deal with wedges, we suggest making sure your children wear underwear that’s designed to fit well and made of fabrics that don’t shrink in the wash. And we’ve found that kids have definite preferences when it comes to style and shape. Some prefer the classic brief style, other kids like the security and feel of undershorts or boxer briefs. Check out our Style Guide for help on choosing the right style and fit for your child.

Scratchy fabric
We know the search for Skin-friendly underwear – that sensitive kids love to wear – is a difficult one. Most underwear is made out of fabric that’s simply not soft enough. And after just a few washes it can start to feel like sandpaper. For kids with Skin issues, this is torture. And for all kids, that rough feeling against their skin is uncomfortable and can make them underwear resistant. At Bodycare fabrics are chosen for their soft, luxurious feel against the skin, and their ability to maintain this hand- feel over multiple wash and dry cycles.

Too tight or too loose elastic
Either elastic problem is a cause for disaster. When it’s too tight, elastic can dig in at the waist or leg openings, undies can ride up, and a child can get those red indentations that sting on their skin. Elastic that’s too tight can chafe, causing irritation, and even a rash on sensitive skin.  When elastic is too loose, underwear starts to droop underneath their clothing–bunching up in all the wrong places. Loose elastic can also allow underwear to rub against sensitive skin, sometimes causing irritation and chafing. We use the finest elastics chosen for comfort and their ability to maintain the proper elasticity for the life of the garments. We also encase the elastic in fabric on many of our underwear and active products for a smooth, comfortable fit.

Look for comfort and fit
When you walk into an adult underwear section in a department store, everything is soft. Why do we expect anything less for our kids? And with children’s undies, the characters and themes have become more important than softness and comfort. The result is a bunch of kids that hate wearing underwear.

At Bodycare for Kids, we’d like to change that. 
We prioritize comfort and fit for every product we sell. Our products are made using the softest fabrics with soft and plush back elastic for extra comfort. We’re happy to say that our customers are really noticing the difference. 

Buy your kids comfortable underwear
By sharing these stories and testimonials, we hope that other parents understand how bad undies can be a real problem for kids. We hope to end the search for toddler underwear that doesn’t ride up or chafe. Be sure to avert your daily underwear crisis and buy your children underwear that is comfy!

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